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9H SUPER CERAMIC CAR COATING 100% Paint Protection

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Quick Fackts about 9H MR-FIX:

  1. Voted the Best Car Coating System by AutoRoad Magazine
  2. UV Rays Protective Layer That Last over 2 Years!
  3. At least 92% of clients would buy it again
  4. 79% of clients referred 9H MR-FIX to a car lover friend.
Video product illustration after application:


    The coating only requires One single application and can last for more than Two Years!

    Why so many car lovers are buying this product:

    1. It is Easy to apply
    2. It protects your car from UV rays, scratches and dirt
    3. It gives your car a polished look whitch will turn heads
    4. It Saves You TIME and MONEY in expensive car treatments
    5. The coating lasts for more then Two Years

    The 9H MR-FIX Car Coating System is also extremely easy to apply and does not requier complicated tools or equipment.

    How To Use it:

    • Simply apply some liquid on a dry cloch and wipe over the surface of your car.
    • Allow 42 hours of natural drying.
    • Enjoy the long lasting (over two years) protective coating on your car!

    How Many Bottles Do I Need ?

    Technical Information: 

    Item Weight: 158g

    Special Features: Anti-Scratch

    Item Width: 7cm

    Item Volume: 30ml

    Material Type: Polysiloxane and other Nano materials ect

    External Testing Certification: CE

    Model Name: 12259

    Item Height: 5.4cm

    Item Lenght: 10cm

    Item Type: Polishes

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Car Liquid Ceramic Coat
    • 1 x Sponge