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Smart Wallet with high-tech features & modern design

Smart Wallet with high-tech features & modern design

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Walli connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth to send you instant notifications.

Once you connect Walli to your phone, the Walli App – available on Android and iOS will continuously monitors your wallet activity!

The Walli App sends out display notification on your phone once you get too far from it.

Our patent-pending SecurePockets technology allows Walli to monitor the card slot you use the most. Walli pockets send a signal to your phone when your credit card/ID is missing for too long. You can set a timer (through the app), after which the app will notify you about the missing card pocket. This is very useful and makes sure you don't forget your cards/ID/passport at a restaurant/bar or during travel.

Walli is made of genuine leather and is dust-proof. Walli does not require charging. A single coin cell battery can last up to 6 months and can be easily replaced.

Whether or not you have a tendency to lose your wallet, you should certainly consider picking up a Woolet. You’re getting a terrific wallet made from gorgeous leather that will carry all the cards and cash you need without becoming too hefty, and you know it’s going to last.

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