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Promo Pack 3X Andrea Hair Growth Essence+ Free Gift

Promo Pack 3X Andrea Hair Growth Essence+ Free Gift

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Free Gift- Hair Growth Fibers

A Unique feature hair raising run occurred.

Hair 2-3 time faster than the speed of growth. 

  • Usage:  every 100ml shampoo in , join 3ml , stirring.
  • Specification:  20ml / bottle
  • Shelf life:  two years , bottle cap kaffeng , try 4 months finished with.

How to Use:

  • First in shampoos join in Essence per 100 ml shampoo join in 3 ml Essence
  • Shampoo with Essence into the palm, add a little warm water to produce foam rub.
  • After Shampooing wash with warm water, carefully clean the inside of the hair.
  • After starting the bubble to gently message the scalp and hair.

Benefits: The product makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed, make hair smooth and healthy. 

Scope: The people whose hair grows slowly, people who need to grow hair faster, or people with inelastic hair, tangled hair dull, hair brittle.

Usage: Add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly.

Product: Organic Hair Growth Essence
Details: Compound Essential Oil
Quantity: 20 ml bottle

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