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Folligen Shampoo Dr.Forhair

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Folligen - Specializing in strenthening the hair roots
and groowing hair

  • Suitable for all skin type


  1. Alleviate And Improve Scalp Troubles(13.5%)Soothe Sensitive Scalp And
  2. Enhance The Flexibility Of Hair(12.8%)
  3. Improve Oily Scalp And Protect Hair(12.0%)
  4. Mildly Clean And Remove Any Residue And Dead Skin On The Scalp To Make Healthy Scalp(12.0%)
  5. Clean Impurities And Dead Skin In Pores On The Scalp(10.5%)

Biotin - Water-soluble vitamin that is essential for human growth and maintaining health. Effective to prevention of hair loss by supplying nutrition to scalp
Niacinamide PP - Effective for inflammatory scalp trouble with superior bisabolol
Dexpanthenol - Balancing pH of scalp and hair with low-irritating substances. Protecting scalp and regenerating skin
Pyrithione Zinc Solution - Suppressing the propagation of germs and preventing scalp trouble by controlling excessive secretion from sebaceous glands.

About the product
Hair loss prevention and providing nutrition
Active ingredients: Biotin, niacin amide,
dex panthonol, zinc pyrithione
Approved by the ministry of food and drug
safety which prevents hair loss and provides nutrition to dull hair
Made in Korea/contents appearance: Milky white liquid