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Hair Thickening Fiber Spray Luis Bien from 5 to 30 seconds

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Hair Thickening Fiber Spray

Hair Thickening Fiber Spray easily integrates with your hair with its special ingredients, supporting your hair to get a fuller look in seconds.
The Hair Thickening Fiber Spray is made from keratin protein also found in the hairs natural structure. It should be applied regularly to the hair where its thin, giving the hair a natural volume appearance.
It is very resistant to rain, sweat and wind. At the same time, with its special formula, it prevents hair fall by nourishing the hair.
The Hair Thickening Fiber Spray can easily be used by most people suffering from sparse hair and hair fall, and can change their appearance within seconds.

How to Apply?

Make sure to keep your hair dry before applying.
Thoroughly shake the bottle for a few seconds before use.
Apply to the area you want to give volume in your head with a small amount of circular movements at a distance of 10-15 cm.
Dry the area with a drier which you have applied with a hair dryer for 5-10 seconds. Then give shape with the help of a hair brush.


Consist of natural keratin protein, green tea extract, fruit acids, betaine and hexapeptide; it gives your hair, brightness and vitality.
With the static properties of natural Keratin and Silk Fibers, it creates a magnetic effect on your hair and sticks to your hair. By this way, the hair in the sparse areas will gain volume to make them look fuller.

Hair Fiber Spray replenishes your hair in seconds with its special natural keratin and silk fibers. A Nanotechnology product, Hair thickening Spray is resistant to rain, sweat and wind. The natural plump image of your hair will not be affected from rain and sweat, it does not deteriorate.

Dermatologically tested product, it feeds hair roots by special formula and helps you to get natural and full looking hair. The Hair thickening Spray, which gives your hair a fullness that is resistant to rain and sweat, does not cause any side effects in your skin and hair. It helps to have a fuller and healthy hair look.

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