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Nail Treatment Pen, Handle moisturizing and restorative nail oil

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Cuticle Revitalizer Oil Pen

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Product Feature:

Enrich with herbal extract essence and mild –moist texture, it can give fingernail rich nutrition, helping to improve rugged irregularity, dull color and caduceus appearance. After using, your fingernail will regain smooth luster gradually.


Mild without discomfort
No stimulation, no pain, no side effects.
This cream has a unique and unusual nail-penetrating formula that will improve your appearance of the fungal nails.
This product will restore the brittle, crumbly or even ragged nails to the natural shape and texture.
This cream will restore your nails dark color, also caused by debris build up under your nail, to the pinkish shine.
It will eliminate your strong odor of the sick nail and also feet and eliminate any itching caused by toenail fungus.

After the clean out of hand, foot, applied directly to the affected area of the product, such as liquid nails dry and then re-apply once, 2-3 times a day until the nails grow healthy


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