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Trix Trux Hot Rod: Monstr Truck Toys & Games

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Trix Trux cable track

Small, but powerful monster trucks have already won world-wide popularity, and not only children, but also adults, are delighted with them! Due to the special stable design, the Trix Trux even ride on two wheels and, like rope-walkers, can move along strings stretched in the air. And they drive upside down!

Finally, the dream of many boys and girls came true! Monster Trucks is now in the toy version. They do not just drive, but they are able to overcome the most difficult obstacles, just like in life.

Most likely, your child has not yet seen such a toy, and therefore it will delight him.


Monster Trucks Those same bigfoot machines that are of interest even in adults, not to mention children.
Hundreds of options for the track. Trix Trux cars drive around the track - the child is given the opportunity to create their own tracks.
Simple assembly Cope even 3-year-old child.
Interesting with friends. With the help of Trix Trux you can organize interesting competitions.
Unusual tricks. Cars are capable of doing things that other toys are not capable of. Many options for experiments and knowledge of the laws of physics.

Fun for Kids on a festive evening at your home. Your feast is free of all questions and requests from your child, as he will be busy playing a game with his friends!

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