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Wonder Wax for hair removal

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Easy and Painless Waxing solution. Perfect for all body: Legs& Arms, Bikini/ Brasilian, Face, Underarms 

  • Sticks to hair; not to skin
  • Fast, easy and effective
  • Long-lasting results
  • Use from head to toe
  • For all skin types

Kit Includes:

  • Wonder Wax (5 oz. Pre-filled Microwaveable Cup)
  • 3 Large Applicators (For Large Areas)
  • 3 Small Applicators (For face and delicate areas)
  • Easy Waxing Guide
  • Finishing Wipes

Safety Warning

Cup is for microwave use only



Apply a test sample to a small area where the product will be used following the basic instructions. Wait 24 hours and if skin appears normal then proceed with waxing. Clean the area to be waxed with mild soap and water. Allow the area of skin to be completely dry before next steps. Once skin is dry, you can begin the waxing process. Remove the lid/seal and place Wonder Wax cup into the microwave. Heat on "High" setting for 2 minutes. If needed, heat for additional 30 second increments until...

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